Talk at Monash University, Australia: Rationally-Shaped Minds: A Framework for Analyzing Self-Improving AI

Self-Aware Systems

Here’s a video of the talk (thanks to Adam Ford for filming and editing it):

Here are the slides:

Rationally-Shaped Minds: A Framework for Analyzing Self-Improving AI

Steve Omohundro, Ph.D.

President, Omai Systems

Many believe we are on the verge of creating truly artificially intelligent systems and that these systems will be central to the future functioning of human society. When integrated with biotechnology, robotics, and nanotechnology, these technologies have the potential to solve many of humanity’s perennial problems. But they also introduce a host of new challenges. In this talk we’ll describe the a new approach to analyzing the behavior of these systems.

The modern notion of a “rational economic agent” arose from John von Neumann’s work on the foundations of microeconomics and is central to the design of modern AI systems. It is also relevant in understanding a wide variety of other “intentional systems” including humans…

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